Join the Movement to Save our Nation!

Join the Movement to Save our Nation!

Join the Movement to Save our Nation!Join the Movement to Save our Nation!Join the Movement to Save our Nation!

#GoRogue New Mexico


The 2020 New Mexico Legislative Session is in session and will end on February 20th @ noon. Please click button below to go to the New Mexico Legislature Site.

About Us

Our Vision


 We envision our country, the United States of America, as a nation in which all citizens will respect, obey, and adhere to our forefathers full intent as established by and provided through the United States Constitution. Through education and personal growth of all individuals, we envision a country where the supreme law of the land, the United States Constitution, is respected and followed.

Our History


  New Mexico Patriots was originally the idea of our Founder, Darryl Dunlap, who during the 2019 NM Legislative Session, saw the unconstitutional laws being pushed through. Darryl knew that the best way to save us from these bad legislative bills and laws, was to engage the citizens of New Mexico, to be educated about their government, how it operates and what the citizen's part was. Then he started groups in each county, so citizens could be active as a group and help each other. As of the 1 year anniversary of the Patriots, there are over 11,500 members, active in their government. 

Our Mission


As a grassroots, nonpartisan organization, our mission is to personally uphold the United States Constitution, provide education as to its meaning to others, and make those in government accountable for adhering to and respecting its meaning by making and/or enforcing laws aligned to its intent, purpose and principles.


Help Our Cause

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As a nonprofit 501c3, we rely on our members, community and other supporters to help defray the costs of our important agenda to educate, outreach and promote our causes throughout the state of New Mexico. 

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