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Independent patriot groups

Colfax County Patriots

The Independent Colfax County Patriots group is 501c3 and was formed to build an alliance among residents of Colfax County, against the unconstitutional laws being ramrodded through in Santa Fe. Whether it be the anti-gun measures, anti-wall, anti-oil/gas industry or the extreme measures recently pushed through for abortion, they believe everyone must all pull together and work together to beat them. They are organizing to create not only a loud voice from Colfax County, but are in coordination with other County groups doing the same, to create a commanding, loud voice to Santa Fe and the politicians trying to destroy the state, the Constitution and their way of life. The Colfax County Patriots thank you for joining and hope to see you at their meetings. You can join the Colfax County Patriots Facebook Group at 


Sandoval County Patriots


The Independent Sandoval County Patriots group is a grassroots, nonpartisan group, whose mission is to personally uphold the United States Constitution, provide education as to its meaning to others, and make those in government accountable for adhering to and respecting its meaning by making and/or enforcing laws aligned to its intent, purpose and principles. You can join the Sandoval County Patriots Facebook Group at 


Lea County Patriots

The Independent Lea County Patriots group was formed to build an alliance among like-minded residents of Lea County to protect their rights guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States of America. Together, with other groups across New Mexico, their are standing up against government tyranny.  

“All that is necessary for the evil to triumph is that good men do nothing”  - Edmund Burke                                                                               

You can join the Lea County Patriots Facebook Group at  


Pro-Gun Women & Pro-Gun New Mexico

Pro-Gun Women is a non-profit organization founded by Stefani Lord and is dedicated to preserving the rights of women to own and to defend themselves with firearms. Pro-Gun Women also provides the resources to take action on state and national legislation to protect the Second Amendment as well as educating the public. Pro-Gun New Mexico is part of Pro-Gun Women supporting the same purpose for everyone. For more information see 

  • You can join Pro-Gun Women by clicking here.    
  • Visit Pro-Gun Women Facebook page here
  • Visit Pro-Gun New Mexico Facebook page here
  • You can follow both groups on Twitter as @progunwomen and @ProGunNewMexico



 DISCLAIMER: New Mexico Patriots is a 501c3 non-profit, that has direct links to most of the Facebook pages of the County groups and although we may share information and filter some posts, we have no control over these independent groups, nor do we have any financial ties. Some of these groups are non-profit organizations, while others are informal. Each County group is responsible for its own actions and New Mexico Patriots is not liable for any actions or statements. Posting or sharing on these groups does not equal any endorsement, agreement or representation of opinion by New Mexico Patriots. 

DISCALIMER: New Mexico Patriots, nor the Board of Directors have any ties to New Mexico Patriots Advocacy Coalition also known as NMPAC or their Facebook group started and controlled by Attorney, A. Blair Dunn. NMPAC is an independent entity controlled by their own Board. New Mexico Patriots has no financial interest or involvement in any lawsuits either ongoing or filed by NMPAC.